Organic functional smoothie blends designed to work in synergy to boost immunity, promote weight loss, stimulate collagen, increase energy and leave you with glowing skin.




Nourish your body with our organic superfood latte blends designed to work in synergy to support metabolism, immunity, energy and focus.



Jump start your health routine with our curated kits of organic superfood products. Transform your health with functional smoothies and lattes ready to drink in under 60 seconds.



TUSOL Organic Latte Kit ($70 Value)

Discover the most delicious way to enjoy your daily dose of organic superfoods. Our blends are designed to work in synergy to support metabolism, immunity, energy and focus.

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Our TUSOL Organic Latte Kit Includes: 

14 Organic Cacao Lattes 

14 Organic Coffee Lattes 

How It Works

Effortless Nutrition

Eating healthy has never been this easy!

01 - Superfood latte mixes delivered to your door

02 - Whisk 3 tbs latte in hot water 

03 - Sip and shine!


Cacao + Ashwagandha

Coconut milk powder*, cashew milk powder*, tocotrienols*, cacao powder*, reishi mushroom*, ashwagandha*, himalayan sea salt, stevia reb-a*

*Certified Organic

Coffee + Lion’s Mane

Coconut milk powder*, cashew milk powder*, fair trade arabica coffee*, lucuma*, lion’s mane mushroom*, chaga mushroom*, vanilla bean*, stevia reb-a*

*Certified Organic

Organic Research-Backed Lattes

Rooted in Science. Designed for Rapid Results.

Organic Coffee Latte

Flavor profile:Vanilla latte

Benefits: Energy | Focus | Metabolism | Immunity

Research: Our coffee latte is formulated with Fair Trade Arabica coffee to support healthy energy and metabolic function, lion’s mane mushroom to support the growth of brain cells, reishi mushroom to stimulate immunity and regulate stress, vanilla bean to prevent oxidative stress, cashew milk powder to support elastin and collagen, and coconut milk powder shown to support weight loss and metabolism.

Organic Cacao Latte

Flavor profile:Hot chocolate

Benefits:Metabolism | Immunity | De-stress | Glowing Skin

Research: Our raw cacao latte is designed with superfoods rich in essential vitamins and minerals proven to reduce oxidative stress, combat inflammation, and support metabolism and immunity. Raw cacao is rich in polyphenols to reduce oxidative stress, reishi mushroom is shown to stimulate immunity and liver function, ashwagandha regulates stress and reduces anxiety, and the tocotrienols target your cells with its anti-aging properties that help you feel your best from the inside out.

Organic | Vegan |Gluten-Free |No Sugar Added

Sustainably Sourced Superfoods + Adaptogens

We've sourced the most potent botanicals from around the world proven to deliver noticeable improvements to your health. Each latte is packed with synergistic ingredients to optimize bioavaiability of key nutrients.