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“We design research-backed wellness products that significantly improve the health of people and the planet.”


Prior to founding TUSOL, Ilana spent many years committed to improving access to and education around the importance of nutrition.

While studying at UC Berkeley, she ran a farmers market on campus to provide students with access to the healthiest food from local farmers in the Bay Area, and spent afternoons working with Elementary School students in their culinary gardens to educate them on the importance of healthy food.

After graduating, Ilana founded a non-profit organization in LA and NY bringing at-risk teens to local farms, farmers markets and kitchens to teach them about local, healthy food and how to incorporate it into their lives for optimal health.

During that time, she developed local, sustainable sourcing programs for a nationwide restaurant group.

Ilana then spent years in the Napa Valley at The French Laundry and Meadowood Resort with a focus on the symbiotic relationships between the restaurants, the farms, and the culinary experience.

With a strong desire to return to the health and wellness industry, she returned to LA in 2018 where she founded TUSOL as a means to support more people along their health journeys with access to the cleanest, most nutrient-dense, most effective wellness products.

In Partnership With Three Michelin Star Chef Christopher Kostow & Martina Kostow

Not only are we committed to bringing sustainable research-backed nutritious products to our community, but we want to ensure the experience and flavor is elevated as well. By partnering with Three Michelin Star Chef Christopher Kostow and Martina Kostow on product development, we’re able to offer effective products that are rooted in culinary excellence so you can treat yourself to optimal health daily.

Christopher Kostow, the critically acclaimed chef of The Restaurant at Meadowood in Napa Valley is the third-youngest chef to ever receive the coveted Michelin three-star accolade.

The Kostow’s and TUSOL are philosophically aligned in their commitment to sourcing the highest quality ingredients, designing elevated memorable culinary experiences, and rooting every product in sustainability, efficacy, and authenticity.


At TUSOL, we believe our bodies have an amazing ability to naturally heal and thrive when given the right nutrients.

We are committed to providing you easy access to these healing compounds in their purest, most potent form — so you can live a happy, healthy life.

You shouldn't have to compromise when it comes to your health, so we've made sure each of our products is designed for optimal taste, convenience, and above all, efficacy.

TUSOL means "Your Sun" in Spanish — the sun within you, the energy that fuels you. We are committed to raising the human spirit through deep, personalized nutrition and will forever continue improving our products to have maximum benefit.