TUSOL Ingredients - Maqui Benefits


Maqui is one of the top antioxidant-containing foods in the world and has high amounts of delphinidins for anti-inflammatory effects.


Raw cacao is high in magnesium and rich in antioxidants and polyphenols which support cellular health, cognition, mood and energy.

TUSOL Ingredients - Chaga Benefits


Chaga is filled with phytonutrients and contains the highest amount of SODA of any food in the world an enzyme shown to support immune function.

TUSOL Ingredients - Lion's Mane Benefits

Lion's Mane

This super-mushroom has been used for centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine for its powerful cognitive-boosting abilities.

TUSOL Ingredients - Ashwagandha Benefits


Ashwagandha is a highly prized adaptogenic super-root that helps our bodies "adapt" to environmental and emotional stressors.

TUSOL Ingredients - Ginger Benefits


Ginger is high in antioxidants and contains anti-inflammatory properties. It has been shown to minimize fat absorption and boost immunity.

TUSOL Ingredients - Flaxseeds Benefits

Flax Seeds

Tocotrienols are a form of Vitamin E derived from organic rice. They are shown to combat free radicals, and improve skin, hair and nails.

TUSOL Ingredients - Reishi Benefits


Reishi contains a high concentration of polysaccharides which are shown to boost the immune system, detoxify the body, and calm the nervous system.

TUSOL Ingredients - Banana Benefits


Bananas are powerful prebiotics that contain L-tyrosine which is shown to elevate mood, enhance memory and combat stress.

TUSOL Ingredients - Coconut Benefits


Hand-harvested on small plantations, our coconuts are rich in fiber, iron, potassium and electrolytes which provide sustained energy.

TUSOL Ingredients - Turmeric Benefits


Turmeric contains high amounts of curcumin, is rich in fiber, iron, magnesium and B6, and is a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.

TUSOL Ingredients - Pumpkin Seeds Benefits

Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are high in antioxidants, amino acids, magnesium and zinc, and are rich in chlorophyll which alkalizes and cleanses the body.

TUSOL Ingredients - Baobab Benefits


Baobab is one of the highest antioxidant-containing foods on the planet. It is rich in fiber and is a powerful prebiotic which supports gut function.

TUSOL Ingredients - Matcha Benefits

Ceremonial Matcha

Matcha is high in vitamin C, antioxidants, and L-Theanine an amino acid shown to have a naturally calming and relaxing effect.

TUSOL Ingredients - Maca Benefits


Maca is a powerful adaptogen that supports the endocrine system, promotes hormone balance, improves energy, and helps mitigate stress.

TUSOL Ingredients - Vanilla Bean Benefits

Vanilla Bean

Our single-origin vanilla bean is harvested in Madagascar and packed with powerful antioxidants to fight oxidative stress.

TUSOL Ingredients - Pea Benefits


Yellow peas are rich in amino acids and contain iron, arginine, and branched-chain amino acids to promote lean muscle and satiety.

TUSOL Ingredients - Acai Benefits


ACAI is loaded with resveratrol, polyphenols, flavonoids and magnesium which all contribute to its powerful anti-aging benefits.

TUSOL Ingredients - Black Sesame Seeds Benefits

Black Sesame Seeds

Black sesame seeds are rich in healthy fat, protein, vitamin B1, vitamin B6 and niacin, and are shown to support healthy skin and bones.

TUSOL Ingredients - Ceylon Cinnamon Benefits

Ceylon Cinnamon

Cinnamon contains high levels of polyphenols and antioxidants, and is shown to improve insulin sensitivity which helps lower blood sugar levels.

TUSOL Ingredients - Wheatgrass Benefits


Wheatgrass has a unique ability to cleanse the body and stimulate natural, healthy energy. It's rich in chlorophyll, enzymes and phytonutrients.

TUSOL Ingredients - Spirulina Benefits


Spirulina's vitamins, chlorophyll, trace minerals and antioxidants are shown to protect and detoxify the body, and help balance alkalinity.

TUSOL Ingredients - Yacon Root Benefits

Yacon Root

Yacon root contains prebiotics which help promote digestive health and increase nutrient absorption.

TUSOL Ingredients - Psyllium Husk Benefits

Psyllium Husk

Psyllium husk is an edible soluble fiber and prebiotic. It promotes healthy elimination by efficiently sweeping waste out of the colon.

TUSOL Ingredients - Lucuma Benefits


Our lucuma is rich in minerals, antioxidants, fiber, beta-carotene and niacin. It's a natural sweetener with notes of maple.

TUSOL Ingredients - Barley Grass Benefits

Barley Grass

Barley grass is a potent source of alkaline nutrients with 20 amino acids and SOD's-compounds that fight inflammation and repair damaged cells.

TUSOL - Mesquite Powder Benefits


Mesquite is an exceptional source of vitamins and minerals including calcium, fiber, protein and amino acids.

TUSOL - Curcumin Benefits


Curcumin is extracted from the turmeric root, and is shown to reduce inflammation, improve antioxidant capacity, and boost brain function