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Bioavailable Nutrients for Rapid Results

Sustainably Sourced Superfood Powders

Nutrient Diversity

Powdered superfoods allow us to access the world's most nutrient-dense ingredients. This nutritional biodiversity is key to a healthy microbiome, which supports immunity, mood and hormones


Optimal Absorption

Blending helps break down hard-to-digest plant cell, walls allowing chemicals to penetrate the cells and stimulate vital reactions-optimizing bioavailability.


Increased Energy

The digestive system requires a great amount of energy to function – second only to the brain. Consuming nutrients in smoothie form rather than solid form uses less energy, and allows for increased focus on repair and detoxification.



Each smoothie packet is light and travel-friendly, allowing you to sustain your health wherever you go. Smoothies ensure consumption of essential vitamins and minerals while helping you stay hydrated.


Highest Concentration of Nutrients

Each ingredient is harvested at peak ripeness, dried at a low temperature, and milled into a fine powder ensuring vital vitamins, polyphenols, enzymes and nutrients remain intact.


Rich in Polyphenols

Polyphenols are antioxidant-rich micronutrients that exist in plants. They are shown to help improve digestion, regulate blood sugar, support weight loss, and prevent cardiovascular disease.



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