The Harsh Reality: Is Your "Health Food" Sabotaging Your Well-Being?

Published May 7, 2024

Did You Have an Apple, Banana, or any piece of Fruit in the Past week?

How surprised would you be to learn that some of the "health food" out there nowadays isn't really that healthy at all – in fact, just the opposite?

What if you discovered that even eating vegan-friendly can sometimes be harmful to your health??

If you zoom out and look at the big picture, you start to realize that a lot of our nation's food supply was designed for mass production and distribution (extended shelf-life, prettier presentation, and, well, prettier profits) rather than true health benefit and nutrient density.

Maybe the Old Adage About “An Apple A Day…” Used to be True, But…

In order to increase consumption and improve shelf life, many fruits, such as apples have fallen victim to "selective breeding".

As a result, the sugar content has increased dramatically and the nutritional value has subsequently declined. According to a New York Times article entitled "Breeding the Nutrition Out of Our Food", this has happened to a number of fruits and vegetables over time. And we haven't even touched on GMOs!

Even trusted labels like "free-range eggs" and "organic", have become diluted by marketing and politics.

This can lead to increased levels of toxins or allergens – and unexpected harm to your health. Breeding crops for traits like sweetness (sugar) and appearance has reduced the levels of beneficial phytonutrients and can contribute to health issues like obesity. Not to mention contributing to your personal angst. Imagine putting the effort into eating healthier only to cause yourself to be LESS healthy

But Before You Get Too Bummed Out, Here’s the Good News…

There are still some companies and farmers committed to making sure your fruits and vegetables are nutrient-dense and high in the vitamins and minerals needed to feel your best.

At TUSOL, we're long-time champions of REAL and nutrient-dense nutrition. You won't see any fake logos or claims on our products. We're committed to putting in the extra effort to make sure the products we sell are actually making a measurable impact in your health. That's how we've been from the start.




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We care deeply about giving our bodies real and trusted nutrition – the way it used to be. We stand in active defiance of the growing national nutritional compromise.

We go to great lengths to make sure you're getting the absolute most nutrient dense ingredients we can find, backed by lab-tested research – from top nutrition scientists and respected labs in the US and around the world. That is the only way we're able to deliver real improvements to your health.

The way our ingredients are selected, grown, harvested, and processed is why there's a healthy difference between our wellness products and our competitors' products. We seek out local growers to ensure we understand their growing practices and third-party lab test each ingredient for purity, so we know exactly what we're getting and what you're getting—the way it used to be—the way it should be.


Feel Healthier AND More Confident About What You’re Putting into Your Body

For Gut Health and Focus

A packaged TUSOL organic superfood bar with mango berry and vanilla flavor.

For Collagen and Immunity

Maqui Berry + Vanilla

Support Cognitive Health

Reduce Effects of Aging

Reduce Inflammation

For Gut Health and Focus

A TUSOL banana cinnamon smoothie packet.

For Gut Health and Focus

Banana + Lucuma

Reduce Oxidative Stress

Support Immunity

Improve Memory

For Energy and Metabolism

Organic superfood chocolate bar packaging with the brand name TUSOL.

For Energy and Metabolism

Cacao + Goji Bery

Boost Immunity

Support Weight Loss

Reduce Inflammation

Key Superfood Ingredients

Clusters of black berries on branches with faded leaves.

Maqui Berry


Two sleeping golden retrievers nestled together.


(immune system)

Close-up of brown, irregularly shaped objects on a white background.


(metabolic heath)

Assorted colorful cocoa pods, some split open to reveal the beans inside.



Red berries on a tree branch with a blurred background.

Goji Berry


You shouldn't have to compromise when it comes to your health, so we've made sure each of our products is designed for optimal taste, convenience, and, above all, dense nutrition.

We're talking certified, (truly) organic plant-based ingredients and protein, flexing 7+ superfoods, specifically chosen for their unique health benefits – even allowing you to choose the areas of your health you want to prioritize.


TUSOL is the Modern Way to Get Back to the Way Nutrition Used to be

The benefits of our relentless approach to “delicious and nutritious” are endless:

Satisfies cravings

Supports weight goals

Promotes gut health

Boosts brain performance

Reduced inflammation

Improved digestion

Stress relief

Hormone balance


Glowing skin

All of that is crafted into flavor-filled, on-the-go goodness by our 3-Michelin Star Chef, Chrisopher Kostow. Who knew clean eating could be so indulgent? TUSOL bars are like a day spa for your cells—detoxifying, rejuvenating, and utterly delectable. And they're so easy and convenient, you're always just 60 seconds away from your spa appointment.

There is no easier, more nutritious, more trusted way to optimize your nutritional day. TUSOL products let you feel good, be good, and do good. 

Rated 4.9/5 by 25,000+ Customers

TUSOL Superfood Protein Bars

Variety of TUSOL plant protein and superfood smoothie mix packets in a box.

TUSOL Superfood Protein Bars

Stay energized without the crash

Support digestion and healthy weight

Support focus and cognitive function


Smiling woman in workout gear holding an apple slice.

Melissa P.

Verified Buyer

“The Maqui Berry & Vanilla Organic Protein Bars are SCRUMPTIOUS! The best tasting protein bars I’ve ever tried. They’re plant based, dairy and gluten free and satisfying beyond measure! Give them a try you will become addicted 😊”

Woman in a black dress eating chocolate.

Emily P.

Verified Buyer

These are very tasty and have great texture! I’m a postpartum mom looking to add more protein in my diet and stay nourished. These were the perfect addition to my days!”

Rated 4.9/5 by 25,000+ Customers

TUSOL Superfood Protein Bars

Assorted TUSOL plant protein and superfood smoothie mix packets in a box.

Stay energized without the crash

Support digestion and healthy weight

Support focus and cognitive function