‚ÄúI absolutely love this product. I'm a working Mom on the go and every morning I look forward to a quiet moment drinking my TUSOL, before rushing out the door. My skin and hair look better than ever, I've had less stomach bloat and my stress level and clarity of mind has improved.‚ÄĚ - Martina K

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TUSOL superfood Lattes are low in calories, sugar, and fat. Our Latte Mixes are formulated with superfoods to nourish the body. The organic ingredients promote energy, metabolism, focus, and immunity and leave you in control of the morning.

Rated 4.9/5 by 10,000+ Happy customers

Ready For A Healthier, More Sustainable Approach To Achieving Your Weight Goals? TUSOL Is Here To Help You Transform Your Health

Meal replacement smoothies backed by a 3 Star Michelin Chef designed to help improve your gut health, metabolism, and curb your cravings.

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We make reaching your goal easy, quick and delicious

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Drink TUSOL smoothies and say hello to clean eating! 

60-Day Returns

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Satisfy Hunger and Heal your Gut

Getting your daily nutrients is important in reaching your weight goal. That‚Äôs why each TUSOL smoothie has combined antioxidants, adaptogens, polyphenols, prebiotics and probiotics that help to support your weight journey by curbing your cravings, healing your gut, and boosting your energy.


Giving your body healthy, filling foods can help decrease food cravings.TUSOL smoothies are low in calories and sugar but contain enough protein and fiber to keep you feeling full and satisfied for longer.


Running low on energy? Need a healthier post-workout meal? One glass of TUSOL smoothie can give you a boost of energy to get through the day without the afternoon slump.


Gut health is key in keeping a healthy weight. TUSOL is packed with prebiotics, probiotics and digestive enzymes to improve gut health and ensure nutrient absorption and bioavailability.

60-Day Returns

Satisfaction Guarantee

Power-packed Superfood ingredients

Over 10,000 Happy Customers

‚ÄúIndispensable to my daily health routine‚ÄĚ

‚ÄúOnly the highest quality organic ingredients‚ÄĚ

‚ÄúTUSOL Wellness brings the Michelin Star dining experience to homemade smoothies‚ÄĚ




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  • Berry Sorbet

    Maqui + Acai

    Promotes Healthy Weight

    Reduces Effects of Aging

    Stimulates Collagen

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  • Golden Mylk Latte

    Turmeric + Coconut

    Fights Inflammation

    Supports Immunity

    Boosts Cellular Function

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  • Banana Muffin

    Banana + Chaga

    Enhances Focus

    Supports Hormone Balance

    Boosts Memory + Clarity

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  • Chocolate Shake

    Cacao + Lion’s Mane

    Boosts Energy

    Supports Immunity

    Stimulates Collagen

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  • Green Tea Ice Cream

    Matcha + Vanilla

    Promotes Gut Health

    Reduces Stress

    Stimulates Detoxification

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