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Why You Need To Eat Breakfast

You’ve been fasting for 8+ hours throughout the night depleting your stores of glycogen (the body’s backup battery). 

You’re dehydrated.

Your metabolism is at its lowest. 

Worst of all…you will skip breakfast.

Stress hormones will accumulate until you have the first bite of the day. 

If you are prone to stress you probably have a sluggish liver, you might be even more affected by a lack of morning nutrients. How do you know you are these two? Do you wake up multiple times throughout the night? Then that is the stress hormones waking you up. 

I know what you might be thinking:

“I just don’t get hungry” 

Stress hormones are higher in the morning and they have the ability to suppress hunger, digestion, reproduction, and all the things you don’t need when you are running from a lion, or stressed out about your job.

Does Coffee Count?

If you’re just drinking coffee as breakfast without eating, it's like pressing on the gas pedal while the tank is on empty. Caffeine forces the liver to release that precious back up battery glycogen - blood sugar -  into the blood stream. If you are already fasting through the night depleting these levels of glycogen...and drink only coffee, you are surely going to be running on stress. 

Benefits of Eating Breakfast

Eating breakfast will optimize your circadian rhythm. 

Reduce stress

Consistent energy throughout the day

Your brain will have more fuel giving you more concentration, memory, and less brain fog

Higher metabolic function for weight loss

Blending a nutrient dense TUSOL smoothie helps break down hard-to-digest plant cell walls allowing chemicals to penetrate the cells and stimulate vital reactions-optimizing bioavailability.

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