TUSOL Partners with Three Michelin Star Chef Christopher Kostow to Design Research-Backed Nutritious Products Rooted in Culinary Excellence
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TUSOL Partners with Three Michelin Star Chef Christopher Kostow to Design Research-Backed Nutritious Products Rooted in Culinary Excellence

Sep 8, 2021

TUSOL Wellness, a breakthrough sustainable, research-backed wellness company has partnered with Three Michelin Star Chef Christopher Kostow and Martina Kostow to design elevated, functional nutrition products that optimize health, flavor, and experience.

This partnership is the first of its kind in the wellness consumer space, marrying the luxury experience and attention to detail from the fine dining world, with the benefits and functional ingredients from Traditional Chinese Medicine – to bring optimal health directly to consumers nationwide.

TUSOL Wellness was founded in 2019 by Ilana Friedman with a commitment to design the cleanest research-backed wellness products that significantly improve the health of people and the planet. TUSOL’s initial collection of organic smoothies have received numerous accolades from Vogue, Yahoo Finance and Malibu Magazine – in addition to celebrity trainers, doctors, and nutritionists for its ability to deliver results to clients within the first month. Prior to launching TUSOL, Friedman spent years working in the luxury hospitality industry, including at The Restaurant at Meadowood where she worked closely with Christopher and Martina Kostow. 

“Having worked with Chef Kostow and Martina in the Napa Valley, it’s a complete honor to have the opportunity to bring this expertise and culinary vision to our TUSOL clientele in the comfort of their own homes – in a manner both beautiful and healing.” – Ilana Friedman

Christopher Kostow, the critically acclaimed chef of The Restaurant at Meadowood in Napa Valley is the third-youngest American born chef to ever receive the coveted Michelin three-star accolade. He was also chosen as one of Food & Wine Magazine’s Best New Chefs and holds an award from the James Beard Foundation for Best Chef: Pacific.


Tusol and Kostow

Martina Kostow is an award-winning marketing professional who has worked in the food industry for more than 20 years. Now overseeing the restaurants with Christopher, she is also a mother of two daughters and is fiercely dedicated to the continuous optimization of health and wellness of their family.

While running their restaurants remotely during the onset of COVID-19, the daily stresses that presented themselves pre-pandemic were still prevalent, along with new pressures. Because of this, Christopher and Martina – like many – used their time at home as an opportunity to focus on their health. They were working out together in the mornings, meditating with their daughters, and using the outdoors near their country home in Napa Valley as their personal gym. The opportunity to expand the relationship with TUSOL presented itself during this time and it was a natural fit.

The Kostow’s and TUSOL are philosophically aligned in their commitment to sourcing the highest quality ingredients, designing elevated memorable experiences, and rooting every product in sustainability and authenticity. Both Christopher and Martina have been avid supporters of TUSOL as consumers and advisors since the brand’s inception. Partnering for future product development was an inherent next step.

“Martina and I are merely complementing the existing collection, flavor profiles, and integrity of sourcing and research that’s already been established at TUSOL.” - Christopher Kostow

“As a working mom, it’s exciting to be a part of developing nutritional products that are delicious, effective and fits easily into my busy daily life.” - Martina Kostow

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