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This Limited Edition Immunity Bundle Is Everything You Need!

Happy Earth Day! We’re excited to announce a special offer alongside two of ourabsolutefavorite brands to give you the ultimateLimitedEditionImmunityBundle. If you are looking into boosting your immunity and are confused as to where to start...look no more, this bundle has it all. Everything you need to strengthen your immune system, from gut support, to cellular health, to an abundance of anti-inflammatory compounds that will help you combat oxidative stress. 

This Limited Edition Immunity Bundle includes: 


Immunity Shots by Lumen

The only company making USDA organic cold-pressed hemp juice in the world. Their powerful immune shots are full of superfoods like cold-pressed turmeric, and ginger. The amla adds full spectrum vitamin C, while the black pepper activates the turmeric for added potency.

Includes 12 -Pack of their 2 oz. shots. Delivered cold for extra freshness.


Chaga Mushroom Extract by Wild Kingdom 

Wild Kingdom is one of our favorite companies that are based in Los Angeles.  They make the best wild-crafted mushroom tinctures, hand-crafted and made in small batches.  Included in the bundle you will find their dual-extract wild-harvested Chaga tincture.

WhyChaga? It possesses a unique immune modulating ability thanks to the polysaccharides and betulinic acid it concentrates from the birch trees it grows on. These compounds are able to turn on and off the body's immune system, making it more effective when an illness is contracted but also reducing hyper immune function as in the case of autoimmune disorders.

Functional Smoothies Mixes by TUSOL

Included in the ultimate immunity bundle is our sample pack of ourTUSOL organic functional smoothie mixes. 

BALANCE Matcha + Ashwagandha(to support the gut) 

CALM Turmeric + Ginger(to combat inflammation) 

REJUVENATE Maqui + Baobab(for a boost of immunity) 

ENERGIZE Cacao + Lion’s Mane(to lift your mood)

ILLUMINATE Banana + Chaga(for cognitive support)


Get it before it runs out!

For a limited time, get this immune-boosting bundle for only $99! Valued at $175.

Head over to to check out this limited offer. 

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