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The Heavy 3: These Toxins Don't Belong in Your Kitchen Cabinet

" Out of sight, out of mind"

Not really out of your mind. There's a few neurotoxins that appear in our food system where we might not expect them. By starting to understand where these toxins are hiding, we can start to remove them from our diets and begin to see lasting results. 

The body loves to accumulate nutrients and...also toxins. Some of us eat more toxins than nutrients. The most common toxins in your kitchen cabinet and are the most disruptive to your health. These are glyphosate, heavy metals, and rancid oils. These cause inflammation in the body and an array of other chronic illnesses, resulting in an inability to lose weight.


What is it? Herbicide and pesticides AKA Roundup

What does it do? Your body confuses glyphosate for the amino acid glycine--prominent in your collagen. It then attaches everywhere glycine would, like your skin, muscles, tissues, and organs...for years! This causes premature aging and a long list of side-effects, like inability to lose weight and low energy.

Where it's found? Conventional produce, meats, dairy, even your tap water.

Replacements: Stick with organic, grass-fed.

Further reading: Glyphosate Is Making You Age Faster

Heavy Metals

What is it? Metals that accumulate and bind to your body such as lead, cadmium, mercury, arsenic...and more.

What does it do? What they do for your body deserve an entire encyclopedia. They big contributors for cognitive decline, hormone disruptors, gut wreckers, and linked to different forms of cancer. Pssst, it takes years for your body to be able to get rid of some of them. Lead becomes part of your bone matrix, for many years.

Where it's found? Medications, fish, tap water, conventional farming including meats, dairy, and produce.

Replacements: Stick with organic local farmers, avoid big fish like tuna, mackarel, and yellow tail. Get a water filter than has the capability to filter these.

Rancid Oils

What is it? Vegetable oil, canola oil, corn oil, legume oil, nut oil, seed oil, and even your omega-3 oils.

What does it do? They create free-radicals at room temperature. This creates a domino effect of free radicals to your cells, rob you from antioxidants, and create inflammation and worse, they become part of your fat tissue. They are like the rotten apple in a fruit bowl. For years! 

Where it's found? Everywhere, read the labels. Some trail mix contain these oils. I've seen them in "organic hummus" and store bought guacamole. 

Replacements: Opt in for grass-fed butter, grass-fed ghee, and organic coconut oil. Get Omega-3's from whole foods. Once it's refined, it loses the antioxidants that protect it from becoming rancid in a bottle.

Let's start here. This month become aware of these toxins, and try to eliminate them as much as possible. Our goal is to help your body battle inflammation and help you regulate your blood sugar to help your lose weight.

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