The Best Way to Make TUSOL Smoothies
I Ilana Friedman

The Best Way to Make TUSOL Smoothies

Jun 8, 2020
One of the top questions I get is "How do I make a TUSOL Smoothie?"  You can't mess it up, but if you find yourself not knowing what to add, here's a few things our customers have been adding and showing on social media:  For the exception of ENERGIZE smoothie(hence the name), I recommend drinking the smoothies anytime. You can have them for lunch, for dinner, even as a snack.

Common questions: 

Can I take them while pregnant or breastfeeding? Always consult a physician. We do however have a few customers who are currently breastfeeding and are also pregnant.  If I'm not used to fiber in my diet would that affect me? If you are not used to fiber, we recommend starting with half a smoothie. Is there an order I should take the smoothies? No. Some people do it based on flavor and some drink the smoothies depending on how they feel in the day.

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