Mango Lassi Smoothie
I Ilana Friedman

Mango Lassi Smoothie

Mar 3, 2021

Many studies have shown that inflammation contributes to a number of health conditions and symptoms. Things like skin rashes, digestive issues, headaches and migraines, brain fog, fatigue, and more can often be attributed to inflammation.

CALM contains an array of anti-inflammatory ingredients like curcumin, turmeric, ginger, and enzymes to help reduce inflammation and ease digestion.

Mixed together with mango, coconut milk, some honey and cardamom to taste it makes the most delicious Mango Lassi smoothie!


1 Cup Frozen Mango Chunks

1 Cup Coconut Milk

1 Cup of Ice

1 Packet of CALM TUSOL Smoothie Mix

Raw Honey to Taste

Sprinkle of Ground Cardamom


Blend and enjoy! 

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