How to Stay Balanced with Dietitian, Amanda Unitas
I Ilana Friedman

How to Stay Balanced with Dietitian, Amanda Unitas

May 26, 2021

Today we're talking to TUSOL ambassador Amanda Unitas. Amanda is a a dietitian and her main focus health topics are mostly anti-inflammatory nutrition and stress management. 

We ask her about her health and wellness journey, her daily routines and what her typical day looks like. 

What does a typical day look like for you? 

A typical day looks like getting some light movement in the morning with meditation and journaling then logging onto work on my laptop. I meet with clients throughout the day on a 1:1 capacity working on various health topics but mostly- anti-inflammatory nutrition and stress management. Then I usually workout mid-day and then the early evening and then I relax with my husband and doggo at night. 

What’s your morning routine and how do you stay healthy on a busy schedule?

My morning routine is to slowly get out of bed and brush my teeth and complete my morning skincare routine. Then I feed my dog and take her for a walk which I use as a time to just be. I won’t turn my phone on until I have had a moment to be present with my breath and body. 

What is your health and wellness journey? 

My health and wellness journey is all about reducing inflammation, free radicals, and stress and putting my energy towards those things that light me up :) 

What’s one thing you can’t live without? 

Dark chocolate! 

Who's your typical client?

My typical client is someone with a lot of questions regarding their health (auto-immune issues, unexplained pain, digestive symptoms) who hasn't been able to find solutions through conventional medicine.- 

How do you stay balanced running your own company?

Making my health a priority through self-care- taking baths, getting acupuncture, journaling, eating a balanced diet, and including superfoods. 

3 tips to reduce stress and Inflammation

Get reconnected with your body and breath multiple times throughout the day

Get out in nature

Eat at least 2 mindful meals per day

3 recipes for beating stress and Inflammation

Hormone balancing smoothie

-1 packet TUSOL illuminate

-2tsp tahini

-1 frozen banana

-pinch cardamom

-1 tsp camu camu

-1 tsp maca-

1 pitted date

Blend with unsweetened almondmilk or cashewmilk
Nature's chocolate chip cookie

-1 pitted medjool date filled with walnut butter sprinkle with cocoa nibs and hemp seeds 
- a big green salad with beans or legumes and lots of different veggies or fruits and a sprinkle of nuts 


1 cup TUSOL energize mix

1 cup cold brew or oat milk

1 cup cauliflower

1 banana

Blend and shine!

Top with cacao nibs or homemade granola for an extra crunch.


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