Female Founder Spotlight: Meet The New York Based Designer Lucinda Taffs
I Ilana Friedman

Female Founder Spotlight: Meet The New York Based Designer Lucinda Taffs

Apr 16, 2021

This week we speak with the Australian beauty and designer behind the clothing brand Auteur Studio, Lucinda Taffs. Lucinda’s been in New York for over 10 years and she tells us about her love for the city, how she stays balanced running her own company and the many challenges trying to implement sustainable practices is the fashion industry.

What does a typical day look like for you in NY?

A typical day for me in New York starts with my two pups, coffee and a walk around my Brooklyn neighborhood. Then I’m straight to working in my studio at home on my brand Auteur for the day. I’m the Designer and Creative Director so I spend my time sketching, researching trends, sourcing fabrics and planning our campaigns depending on what time of the year it is. My other team members are based in Sydney, Australia so I end my day on a call with them as they are usually getting into the office as I’m wrapping up. This is generally followed by a big glass of wine and a bubble bath!

What’s your morning routine and how do you stay healthy on a busy schedule?

My puppies dominate my morning routine. The first thing I do when I wake up is take them out for a walk and head to my local coffee shop. Usually we hit the dog park or walk by the water in Brooklyn. I love starting my day like this!

How did Auteur start and what was your inspiration behind the brand?

I wanted to create clothes that i dreamed of having in my wardrobe, Auteur is a very personal extension of my own style. Fashion & design has always been a part of my life and heritage.  My Grandmother and Grandfather had their own fashion house ‘Taffs Fashion” … I remember being really young and playing dress ups in my Nans wardrobe, she  would take me through her vintage collection she had saved from the 50s, I remember thinking how wonderful her dresses were and adoring all the beautiful details.  Auteur was born out of a love for vintage,  for creativity and for strong women like my Grandmother who love to express themselves through clothes.

How do you stay balanced running your own company?

Ha oh wow! It's hard!... Exercise and trying to eat as healthy as possible... Exercise really is  key for me to stay motivated with work. When I’m  feeling healthy and fit  I   find it so much easier to work harder and stay inspired. I currently take a Pilates class 2-3 times a week and try to run and or go for walk to clear my head before taking on any work tasks.

Why New York?

I think growing up in Australia I  always had such romantic feelings about New York. I’ve lived there for over 10 years now and call it home. It such an eclectic mix of people for such a tiny island. I  love people watching in New York.  New York street style viewing is one of my favorite sports.

What’s next for Auteur?

Auteur is at the beginning of its journey and i'm taking as many steps as possible to implement sustainable practices. While I recognize the contradiction between an industry that runs off consumption and the concept of sustainability, I am focusing on making as many informed choices as possible. One area we are focusing on currently is responsible fabrics at the design stage...  Sustainability is a challenge for the industry as a whole and as journey that Auteur is excited to embrace.

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