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Lengthen and Tone with This Easy Bodyweight Workout

Follow these exercises to strengthen the core and glutes. Do 10 reps of each exercise. (Make sure to do 10 reps on each leg.) Repeat for a total of three rounds.

Leg Lowers - Round the spine to engage the core. Reach the leg high to the sky and lower it up and down. Squeeze the glutes.

At-home workout

Squat pulses - Squat, keep your weight in your heels, engage the core, and keep the shoulders back. Move your body up and down and engage your glutes.

 At home workout

Bear to plank frogger squat - Start in a bear plank and lift your body up into a squat. From the squat, go back into your plank. Keep the core tight and neck in line with the spine

 At home workout

Single leg dead lift - Start in a neutral stance and reach your leg and arms in opposite directions. Keep the core engaged to the spine. 

At home workout

Post-workout nutrition: It's important to replenish your body after movement, so we recommend blending a TUSOL Smoothie in your shaker bottle or blender for 20g of organic plant protein, and over 29 functional superfoods. Enjoy! 

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