Do I Need To Take Antioxidants?
I Ilana Friedman

Do I Need To Take Antioxidants?

Dec 16, 2019


"Do I need to take antioxidants? I'm overall very healthy and exercise daily" -Alize, NY

The answer is always! With every breath you take you generate free radicals, the uncontrolled oxidants that damage your cells. As you get older, the fewer natural antioxidants your body produces to keep these destructive molecules on check. If you live in a major city, simply going outside to breath the pollution also generates free radicals in your body. As they accumulate, health deteriorates and aging accelerates --- leaving you more susceptible to everything from wrinkles to serious degenerative diseases. Though you can get antioxidants from food, many people have increased antioxidant needs that diet alone cannot meet. I personally believe this is most people, because the way most of us live is not natural. We are more prone to everyday stresses that can also deplete the need for antioxidants in the body.  Other factors that can increase free radicals: air pollution, chronic disease, fried foods, plastics, tap water, vigorous exercise, and the list goes on... Remember that the highest sources of antioxidants are in the fruits, roots, teas, vegetables you consume. Let's not forget Vitamin E, which is the body's preferred source of antioxidant. This is found in high concentrations in grass-fed pastured raised animal foods like grass fed ghee, beef liver, raw milk, and eggs. If you are drinking tap water and showering chlorinated water, you are likely to deplete this precious vitamin. Opt in for shower filters that removes chlorine. Your skin is your second mouth, Yes, we absorb water into the skin, hence the phenomenon of “prune fingers.”  Further reading: This Is Why You Are Prematurely Aging And How to Stop It

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