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DIY Amla Fast-Growing Hair Fortifyer

Known as amalaki in Sanskrit and nicknamed the "longevity tree," amla thrives in the humid forests of Northern India, Nepal and Sri Lanka. 

Amla's reputation is for it's high concentration of vitamins including Vitamins A and C to foster cell turnover, Vitamin C for microcirculation, and Vitam E to protect skin and hair from oxidation. 

Try this DIY Amla Hair Fortifying Recipe to strengthen, lengthen and nourish your hair holiday this season.



Boil 10 dried alma berries or a tablespoon of amla powder in 16 oz of hot filtered water. Once softened, add 10 fresh henna leaves and remove from the heat. Cover your pot and allow the water to infuse unti lthe water reaches room temperature.

Filter and store the mixture in a bottle and use to rinse your hair after every shampoo. 


amla berry weight loss


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