A Day of Wellness in Malibu
I Ilana Friedman

A Day of Wellness in Malibu

Mar 3, 2020

In January we hosted our first biohacking event of the year -- "A Day of Wellness" featuring the latest in biohacking technology. Luke Storey host of "The Lifestylist Podcast" brought his collection of biohacking electronics, and people were able to experience some impressive cutting-edge wellness technology. Among some of this technology was a hydrogen inhaler to boost the mitochondria, red light therapy that enhances collagen. Luke even brought a human charging station that revitalizes the body by radiating photonic energy from noble and inert gases. That was literary shocking and fun to see.

Braintap brought the latest in neuroscience technology and provided an energy oasis so people could experience next level relaxation. Attendees were able to unwind in zero gravity chairs by Thetha Wellness using grounding blankets by Earthing, while wearing the Braintap headpiece that provided light frequency therapy. All of these innovations combined brought an experience of awake state to deep theta waves and back to a calm awake state in less than 10 minutes. Sweatheory showcased their far infrared cedar wood sauna for people to enjoy, it was such a treat to view the ocean while the red light gave such a calming effect while boosting the body for detoxification. 

Our guest speakers included New York Times best selling author Neil Strauss who gave a very connecting speech that ended with group meditation. Aaron Alexander author of The Align Method  bonded everyone into a circle that energized the mind and spirit. Anya Ferdinand Co-Founder of Belcampo gave an eye opening speech about the wellness of animals and sustainable farming.

Attendees walked away with a handful of products from some of the most inspiring wellness companies. The founders of each of the companies shared their products and their stories. Some of these were Charles Barber and his wife Melinda from Crucial Four, he was so knowledgeable and shared his amazing Icelandic sea salt. Detox Mode handed out a few of their wonderful beauty products that contain only the cleanest ingredients.

Isabella and Olivia Doneff

We discovered the power of wild-crafted mushroom tinctures with Wild Kingdom, their tinctures are made in small batches in LA. Among others we had the exotic baru nuts from Brazil! The company Barukas was founded by Darin Ollien, a superfood hunter, he's the first to introduce Baru nuts into the US. Thank you Darin!  And thank you to all the TUSOL Members and Subscribers that came! We got to meet a lot of you and that was the highlight of the event! Until next time! Our next wellness event will be in the Summer, so if you are already a subscriber, look out for our invitation soon. Shine on!

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