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4 Ways to Get a Blood Wash for Longevity

Let’s dial the knob on longevity. One thing you can do for longevity, for your brain, for your heart, for your organs, is to care for the quality of your blood. This is why we are going to be talking about the clear fluid that runs through your veins. Plasma Your blood is a mixture of cells, particles, and fluids. The plasma in your blood is the yellowish fluid in which your white and red blood cells float around. Protein dense, it also contains other nutrients, hormones, signaling markers, and degenerated chunks of DNA and RNA that have come off of cells that have died recently. It’s both the garbage truck and grocery delivery van.

How do you accumulate junk?

The older you get, the greater the impurities that accumulate in your plasma. And if you constantly eat conventional food that contains high amounts of herbicides and pesticides, fast food, and refined food, you add more garbage into the plasma and you will start to see signs of premature aging. Your organs will not function properly. You may have a sluggish liver, skin problems, a compromised immune system, and low energy levels. One of the most dreaded diseases, Alzheimer‚Äôs, is strongly linked to plasma quality‚ÄĒHint: This disease starts to develop decades before the obvious symptoms appear.

Your blood and the outside world

Your plasma plays a critical role in maintaining health because your plasma is the interface between the outside world and the inside world. Everything you breathe, everything you eat, everything you put on your skin, has to go through your plasma to get to your brain, your lungs, your liver. The quality of your plasma reflects the quality of your life. You can dramatically change your plasma here, today by the choices you make and the environment in which you live. The goal is to change the environment around you and inside of you to make your body do what you want and to have an enhanced quality of life so you can have the energy to go after the things you want to do. I talk a lot about your environment, things around you‚Äďyour orbital junk. The creams you use on your face and on your body have a lot of chemicals in them that absorb through your skin into your bloodstream. Common chemicals found in your makeup, soaps, body creams, and fabric softeners, like phthalates, and parabens, are hormone disrupters and possible carcinogens. There are so many interesting things that we can do to clean up our plasma and stop the avalanche of toxins we add to our bodies on a daily basis. 1. Water is one of the big ones. The absorption process is rapid. A recently published study showed that ingested water appears in plasma and blood cells as soon as 5 minutes after ingestion. Are you drinking tap water? Bottled water? What are you adding to your plasma? [bctt tweet="In less than five minutes of absorption, the water you drink becomes part of your blood and the quality of your blood reflects the quality of your life.¬†" username="tusolwellness"] Further reading: This is Why The Water You‚Äôre Drinking Is Slowly Killing You 2. Changing the health of your microbiome changes the quality of your plasma. Things like fiber and polyphenols can change the quality of your microbiome the very same day. Within hours of feeding your microbiome nutrient dense food, changes happen. Do that for the rest of the month and see what happens. 3. I‚Äôm not big on supplements, but a friend of mine makes high quality digestive enzymes with proteolytic enzyme, under the company MitoLife. Those enzymes eat up the unnecessary stuff that‚Äôs in your blood, those extra proteins floating around, and those broken proteins, so you have less of those molecules. We know that this works because it markedly lowers fibrinogen and thrombin levels. Keep your plasma cleaner with protein enzymes. Take them on an empty stomach before bedtime. 4. Donate blood a few times a year. You can donate plasma as well. This will make your body generate new plasma. You are not only saving lives, but it‚Äôs a free way to detoxify. And as a bonus, you are getting rid of iron overload in the blood. The type of iron that is not absorbed by the body, high quantities of ferrous iron, is considered a heavy metal and can "rust", causing lipofuscin‚Äďthe brown age spots on your skin. ¬† ¬† ¬†

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