3 Best Portable Blenders
I Ilana Friedman

3 Best Portable Blenders

Feb 16, 2022

If you're looking for new ways to stay healthy on-the-go, a portable blender can be a great addition to your routine. There are no shortage of portable blender options, but making sure you have a strong enough blade and motor is going to be key to fining the right one so you can blend up the perfect smoothie every time.

After much experimentation, we've narrowed down our 3 favorites: 


Leegoal Blender Portable blender


This blender is beautifully designed and has a strong enough motor to cut ice in your smoothies. It's easy to charge via USB and the blender can also be used as a cup if you're on-the-go.


Hamilton Beach Blender 


portable blender



The Hamilton Beach Blender has been one of our favorite for some time, as it's one of the only blenders we've found that can cut through ice effectively. It's lightweight and easy to pack in your suitcase so you can have smoothies with you no matter where you may be travelling. 


Pop Babies Glass Blender


Portable blender



This is one of the top rated glass portable blenders that's perfectly designed to blend ice and frozen fruit. It is long lasting, heat resistant, and really easy to clean. 


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