22 Thoughts About Life That Will Make Your Brain Glow
I Ilana Friedman

22 Thoughts About Life That Will Make Your Brain Glow

Jan 14, 2020

1. The sun does not measure it’s worth by the shadows’ it casts. Therefore, to fully understand an individual you must assess the shine over the shadows. Every human casts shadows’ being a self-evident mark. Each one of us is far greater than the worst thing we’ve ever done.

2. Pain and discomfort are necessary for growth. Hardship resides not to make you sad but sober and not to make us sorry but wise. Each avoidance greatly reduces potential. The more struggles you overcome result in higher self-efficacy.

3. There are always two choices toward living: Easy now, hard later or hard now, easy later. What you value filters each choice. Keep in mind, the Universe is no respecter of persons. A noble and disciplined man who leaps from a building will endure the same fate as the worst criminal in the same act.

4. Spiritual evolution is the difference between reactive behavior and responsive choice. Through madness, sane perspective is achieved. This does not eliminate perceived negative action but simply brings them into fully conscious choice. Give yourself room to be human.

5. The more convicted and earnestly you speak the more influence you’ll attain while reversely the same is true. Energy is very contagious, but you must give it off. Positivity always generates natural power and connection to source.

6. Progress is more important than being right. And when we are aligned with what we want the target will draw forth the arrow. Universal flow is consistent in its reward. Strive for alignment over agreement.

7. Truthful conversations redeem. Address what is needed when it’s needed and move forward. Allow confrontation to be useful, respectful and a positive mark of human interaction. When you avoid confrontation to keep perfect peace the conflict becomes internal. It’s cruel to be kind when things aren’t working.

8. Discernment is the highest attribute one can achieve within. Self-discipline, like all disciplines, is a muscle. It becomes less tedious with consistency and future vision for what is being exercised presently.

9. There are those who see, those who see when they are shown, and those who will never see. Those who understand the price of everything and the value of nothing. This is a natural order of things. Learn to accept the rose and the thorn as part of the whole. Without one, the other has no understood value.

10. True self-confidence is living in uncertainty. Infinite patience therefore produces immediate results. Strive to rely on your wings and not the stability of a branch. Every human has wings. Branches break at any moment.

11. Anything you’ve never seen before is interesting. Allow curiosity without preconceived notion. You will be surprised at how enjoyable even the most mundane experiences become.

12. Having something to say is more powerful than talent. Find your voice and allow all else to filter. You’ll attract your ideals with little effort. Confidence is essential.

13. Happiness (in part) is reality without judgment. The judging of others has no actual value. We are all connected somehow, someway. You only need to ask the appropriate questions. The only way to feel judged is if you yourself are reciprocating.

14. It’s a moral obligation to the soul to pursue what’s meaningful with determination and persistence. Formal education lacks real world application and intrinsic value. Nothing can replace the power one gains rising up from the ashes of experience for the eighth time after being down seven. Also, avoid stepping on toes while in pursuit.

15. There’s power in risking embarrassment without worry. Don’t let those that don’t matter much, matter much. All outside circumstances are powerless to a self-governed soul.

16. You are only ever defined by your perception of yourself. Identity is not in congruent of the external world or another. The external being only a temporary game of pleasures, bells, and whistles. Remembering that perfectionism is a vice disguised as a virtue.

17. Cultivate the darkest parts of your humanity and learn to master control. Better a warrior in a garden than a gardener in a war. Wars in this context are a part of natural tendencies in the progression of our world.

18. All of life’s happenings are neutral in reality. How you respond establishes significance. Keep in mind the Universe is under no obligation to make sense to you. Along with the gift of life, you must do the work.

19. Living for constant gratification will only brew internal storms of future depressive tendencies. Savor the time between milestones with expected patience and delayed reward. It’s where your best memories manifest.

20. Self-education is fundamental toward an understanding of the multi-facets of humanity. What you see in others is limited to what you know of yourself. Within the development of self you will find true esteem. Contrary to our primal traits, being liked by others is simply a bonus. Liking yourself is the grand prize.

21. You become what you harbor. Humans are made of vibrational molecules and attract what is given off. This is fact in the quantum world. Become internally refined appropriate to the goals you desire or it will be strenuous to maintain when achieved, if achieved.

22. You are always entirely up to you. You are only ever bound by the rules you create in mind. You’re your best friend and your worst enemy. And thankfully you are always in full control of you.

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