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13 Ways to Drink Smoothies


Funny ghost smoothie If you are a ghost, avoid going through walls when you consume smoothies.


Jason Friday the 13th drinking a smoothie If you like hanging out on Friday the 13th with a hockey mask, a skinny straw will do.


Freddy Krueger Drinking a smoothie Freddy figured out what he wanted from the real world. And that made him feel calm.


Zombie drinking a smoothie Brain topping is what most of us lack.
Alien drinking a smoothie with 4 hands California passed a no plastic straw law, so maybe you want to avoid this state if you are an alien.


Diver drinking a smoothie Keeps you longer under water.

 Fish drinking a smoothie Just don't turn on the blender while doing this.

 Astronaut drinking a smoothie in outer space The helmet stops others from trying to take it from you.


Vegan vampire drinking a smoothie No garlic added.


Sponge Bob drinking a smoothie Celebrity Edition: Where are they now?


T-Rex drinking a smoothie with short arms Another plus for short arms? You don't have to hold the door open for other people while they ignore you.
Turtle drinking a smoothie with long straw and table top back No need to tip the waiter.

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