Why People Love TUSOL

Discover why Doctors, Trainers, Nutritionists and more drink and recommend TUSOL.

I love the ethos of the product and the brand. The quality is evident in the subtleness of the taste – no need to “cover up” anything with excessive (and distracting and ultimately unpleasant) sweetening.   I really love that I can tailor a regimen to my needs, that the products are so thoughtfully designed, and that the ingredients are responsibly sourced for purity and quality.

Dana Harris MD
Women’s Integrative Medicine

TUSOL smoothies are by far the best on the market for me and my family. The ingredients are all amazingly sourced and third party tested, there is no added sugar, and they taste great! I drink them daily to keep my immune system healthy.

Scott Sherr MD
Co-founder HOMe-SF
Director of Integrative Medicine and Health Optimization, Hyperbaric Medical Solutions

TUSOL Smoothies are an essential part of my daily routine — whether at home or traveling. They have become indispensable to my health, focus, energy and happiness regimen. Highly recommended!

Neil Strauss
NY Times Best-Selling Author

I have been plant-based for awhile, and never found any vegan protein powders I liked or trusted. TUSOL didn’t only cover the taste and texture I was searching for, but the superfoods that are included are an added bonus! With my busy lifestyle and intense workouts I need something that truly nourishes my body. I love the different flavors and have fun experimenting different recipes with them!

Angel Fuedo
Personal Trainer, Equinox

These superfood smoothie mixes are fantastic.  We could all use every single one of these every day to calm, balance, energize, rejuvenate and illuminate. This collection is like going to a spa without having to leave your house.  As I am so into working out and saunas and scrubs, these are just perfect for me in every way.

Kim Basinger

As a personal fitness coach, it's essential for me and my clients to have a convenient and nutrient dense solution to fuel up and keep up with life's demands while working towards a big goal. TUSOL smoothies are the answer. Hallelujah!! It's what I rely on daily and recommend to all my clients.

Adam Friedman
Founder, Advanced Athletics