Our Story

Ingrid and Ilana

Ilana and Ingrid co-founded TUSOL in Malibu in 2018. llana previously worked at The French Laundry, a three Michelin star restaurant in the Napa Valley, as well as Meadowood, one of the top resorts in the world.

Ilana met Ingrid earlier that year in Malibu, where Ingrid was creating powerful customized smoothies for private clientele. Each elixir had specific properties: some boosted serotonin (the happiness neurotransmitter), while others provided the body with every amino acid it needs (to support cognition and organ function).

Ingrid had healed her own post-partum depression and Crohn's Disease through a clean lifestyle that revolved around these smoothies and was on a mission to similarly optimize the lives of others. Ilana wanted to leave the high-end restaurant industry, which prioritizes the fine dining experience over other factors and focus instead on food as a means to longevity, wellness, and happiness.

Between llana's luxury experience and Ingrid's practical experience, TUSOL was born of their mutual fascination with the body's natural ability to quickly self-heal with the right nutrition. Literally, TUSOL means "Your Sun" in Spanish, the sun within you, the energy that fuels you. It also means "Two Souls," the bonds of a friendship that turned into a commitment to raising the human spirit through deep, personalized, practical nutrition and lifestyle.

Our goal is to inspire the cultivation of happiness from within by designing clean, healing products for targeted results that make this journey both transformative and enjoyable.


TUSOL is rooted in the belief that happiness – in its purest form – shines brightest from within. To live a life of passion, magic and love, such happiness must be consistently nurtured and protected. A commitment to personal health and wellness will illuminate a path of elevated consciousness and clarity. Our goal is to inspire the cultivation of happiness from within by designing clean, healing products for targeted results that make this journey both transformative and enjoyable.

We source from the earth to bring the highest quality ingredients to each of our products — ingredients that have been meticulously chosen for their ability to enhance performance and wellbeing. Such pledge to purity honors the complexity and beauty of our bodies while facilitating deep personal connection and allowing individual happiness to radiate from within.

TUSOL means "Your Sun" in Spanish — the sun within you, the energy that fuels you. We are tenaciously committed to raising the human spirit through deep, personalized, practical nutrition and lifestyle and will forever continue improving our brand and products to have maximum benefit.

Ilana Friedman

Can organize a trail of ants by size.

Can find needles in haystacks.

Pointed out that the C's above are not aligned.

I believe that both health and happiness are at once extremely sacred and deeply personal.

My passion for wellness began while running a weekly Farmers Market on my college campus — UC Berkeley. Through developing relationships with local growers and purveyors and sharing their organic produce with the community, I witnessed firsthand the relationship between proper nutrition and an elevated sense of well-being.

I quickly knew I wanted to share this knowledge with more people — specifically those without easy access to healthy food. So after graduation, I returned to LA to establish a non-profit organization that connected at-risk teens in Boyle Heights with local farms and chefs to teach them how to incorporate healthy food into their daily lives. After opening the second chapter of my charity in Harlem, NY, I assumed the role of Sourcing Manager for a restaurant group — connecting Nationwide restaurants with local farmers that provided fresh, seasonal ingredients to each location. Farming practices and nutrient quality were of the upmost importance, as I learned to value the connection between proper nutrition and overall health.

With a desire to continue learning about the relationship between local farms and restaurants, I moved the Napa Valley to work for three Michelin Star restaurants -The French Laundry and Meadowood – as they both cultivate their own farms as vehicles for inspiration and menu development.

Wishing to refocus my energy towards the positive health benefits that nutrient-dense foods can have on well-being, I returned to Malibu in 2018 where I met Ingrid. We soon discovered a shared a passion for elevating happiness through clean functional nutrition, and founded TUSOL to pursue this dream together. TUSOL is the medium through which I can share this philosophy and provide both education and access to clean, healthy food in a simple, enjoyable manner.


Ingrid De La O

Named all the ants and fed them a nutritious meal.

Can sniff out goji berries in haystacks.

Insisted that the C's looked fine and needed some space to be themselves.

I believe that health should be happiness an internal garden cultivated by you. It took me years to understand this as I have struggled with Crohna's Disease and post-partum depression. My journey to better understand and connect with my body began upon the realization that the search for happiness is not an external pursuit, but rather must begin with an internal removal of the rubble that had caused my joy to fade. The next step after removing the rubble is to accept and love what I found, and let others see my happiness shine from within.

During this journey, I began to study Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, and Mayan Medicine. The astounding resemblance of these three ways of healing helped me solidify the belief that we are all deeply linked to each other regardless of origin. By learning to connect to my roots and listen to my body I was able to completely heal my Crohna's Disease and post-partum depression. I simultaneously began to see shifts throughout my body. My grey hair disappeared, my skin was acne free, and my cellulite and stretch marks were gone. But most importantly, my energy was at its best and the amount of love I was able to give to life itself was unprecedented. I fell in love with myself, my life and the soul that resides within. I was on a hunt to maintain such elevated feelings of being alive.

I continued to study natural sources of vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals from plants, and the combinations of these compounds that enhance the body' ability to heal similar to what our ancestors did on a daily basis. I discovered potent superfoods and learned how to combine plants based on their vitamin and enzyme profiles to design healing elixirs and tinctures. Thus, my love for powerful functional smoothies was born.

I began to make personalized smoothies for clientele in Malibu formulated to target specific conditions and ailments. I endeavored to bring simplicity into my clients morning routine while enhancing the body mentally, physically and spiritually.

Soon thereafter, I met Ilana and we partnered to create TUSOL to bring the cultivation of happiness into more people' lives. We are deeply passionate about building a community that honors the beauty of life and the beauty of the human body. The journey for me continues. I learn everyday as I go, and continue to do so for my existence. The body speaks you just have to listen.


"Smoothie Upgrade: Packed with superfoods and plant proteins, these smoothies provide overflowing energy, boost your immune system, soothe your anxiety, improve your memory and increase collagen production." — Melanie Defouilloy

"Packed with some of the world' most heart-healthy ingredients, from Lion' mane (acclaimed for its anti-inflammatory properties) to ashwagandha (helps the body cope with daily stress), each TUSOL smoothie has been painstakingly engineered to nourish the body deeply on a cellular level." – Holly Bieler

"TUSOL Smoothies are an essential part of my daily routine — whether at home or traveling. They have become indispensable to my health, focus, energy and happiness regimen. Highly recommended!" – Neil Strauss

"TUSOL sources only the highest-quality, organic ingredients from around the world, and thoroughly tests each one in a third-party lab before shipping to customers."

"TUSOL' research-backed recipes rely on all-natural, organic and deeply-powerful sources of natural protein, antioxidants, plants and active molecules like chlorophyll to target specific dysfunction in the body, from gut inflammation to chronic lethargy to mental stress to loss of skin elasticity. In this way, TUSOL is truly the first smart smoothie."

"This made-for-Instagram brand seriously, the packaging is beautiful and it is more than just a pretty face. TUSOL is a bona-fide meal replacement smoothie that promises to boost collagen, energy and weight loss."

"In 2020, even the act of blending a morning smoothie feels hard. These powdered packets from TUSOL Wellness make it easy (and delicious, and aesthetically pleasing)."

"Finally making your morning smoothie is easy, delicious and aesthetically-pleasing."