These healthy, no-bake truffles could not be easier to make. They're the perfect treat to satisfy your sweet tooth. We recommend using the darkest unsweetened chocolate you can find, and purchasing raw if possible for a guilt-free snack. Ingredients  9 ounces vegan dark chocolate7 Tbsp full fat

We recommend trying this one for lunch or dinner -- or anytime you want to get the benefits of super-greens without having to spend time in the kitchen! INGREDIENTS TUSOL BALANCE Smoothie 1 c almond milk  1 banana  ½ cup blueberries 1 cup Spinach  ½ -

This simple, all-natural recipe this will give you longer, stronger and shinier hair. Made up of palmitic, oleic and linoleic acids, cocoa butter has nourishing, emollient, stimulating and regenerative properties. Its theobromine and caffeine content help adipose cells to shrink away.