13 Ways to Drink Smoothies

By Ingrid De La O , August 20, 2019


Funny ghost smoothie

If you are a ghost, avoid going through walls when you consume smoothies.


Jason Friday the 13th drinking a smoothie

If you like hanging out on Friday the 13th with a hockey mask, a skinny straw will do.


Freddy Krueger Drinking a smoothie

Freddy figured out what he wanted from the real world. And that made him feel calm.


Zombie drinking a smoothie

Brain topping is what most of us lack.

Alien drinking a smoothie with 4 hands

California passed a no plastic straw law, so maybe you want to avoid this state if you are an alien.


Diver drinking a smoothie

Keeps you longer under water.


Fish drinking a smoothie

Just don't turn on the blender while doing this.


Astronaut drinking a smoothie in outer space

The helmet stops others from trying to take it from you.


Vegan vampire drinking a smoothie

No garlic added.


Sponge Bob drinking a smoothie

Celebrity Edition: Where are they now?


T-Rex drinking a smoothie with short arms

Another plus for short arms? You don't have to hold the door open for other people while they ignore you.

Turtle drinking a smoothie with long straw and table top back

No need to tip the waiter.



INGRID DE LA O TUSOL Wellness Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer Ingrid De La O is a wellness expert living in Los Angeles. She’s been featured in NYT best selling books, #1 iTunes podcasts, and been written about in magazines such as Vogue, The Guardian, Malibu Magazine and more. Born and raised in Mexico City, she's the co-founder and health formulator at TUSOL Wellness. She's passionate in everything biohacking and loves to spend time learning everything there is to know about your cells. Ingrid has spent years studying functional nutrition and is a superfood expert. She formulated the TUSOL smoothie collection that cured both her Crohn’s Disease and postpartum depression within a period of four months

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